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Voice Cloud

The Online Direct Voice Cloud is designed to manage all your voice requirements end-to-end, whether you are looking to save money on your outbound calls on your existing PABX or have the requirement for a single PABX, multi branch PABX or contact centre, we have the solution for you.

Bundled with our managed voice access services Online Direct delivers HD voice quality over multiple access services giving maximum uptime without compromising quality.

Hosted PABX

Tailor our feature filled cloud based telecom platform to suit your requirements ensuring it fits with your workflow, company structure and scale.

The Benefits Include:


Centralised control

Get real-time management and reporting tools when using our browser-based applications and dashboards. Anytime anywhere.

Reduced Costs

Free inter-company calls and competitive rates to all destinations billed per-second. Real time reporting allows for true transparency.

Future Proof and Flexible

Our short-term contract options and future proof design will ensure you don’t get stuck with obsolete equipment.

Service Excellence on Demand

Our service desk is always available to assist with support, training and advise so that you get the best out of our cloud PABX solution.

Reduced Risk of Downtime

Create your disaster recovery plan.

During the Covid-19 Lockdown all our clients’ business telephone systems remained fully functional and accessible from home using our unique web based soft phone or smart phone application.

Cloud PABX

Looking to lower your telecommunication costs? 

This can be easily achieved with hosted PBX.

Hosted Contact Centre 

When you require intense reporting metrics and agent-management tools, upgrade to Online Direct Hosted Contact Centre.

Online Direct Hosted Contact Centre offers the addition of a powerful agent management, and reporting platform, to the Cloud PABX engine. Comparable with the impressive feature-set available on leading contact centre solutions, Online Direct Hosted Contact Centre is cost effective, rapid to deploy and easy to scale up or down. Whether it involves increasing the number of agents, expanding office space or moving premises, gain agility for your call centre by choosing the Online Direct Hosted Contact Centre.

Hosted Contact Centre

Online Direct Hosted Contact Centre offers the addition of a powerful agent management, and reporting platform, to the Cloud PABX engine

Telviva Clarity Reporting Platform 

Clarity is a powerful cloud based Expense reporting and management platform that delivers incredibly useful insight
and accurate information relating to all corporate telecom usage, trends and expenditure.

− Fixed Line Voice [Carrier billing level down to desk phone / extension level]
− Fixed Line Data
− Mobile Voice [Carrier billing level down to user / device]
− Mobile Data [Carrier billing level down to user / device as well as extensive Mobile APN reporting]
− Custom reporting options available

− User / Extension / Device / Machine
− Office / Branch / Site / Location
− Cost Centre / Department / Division / Business Unit
− Subsidiary Company
− Group / Holding Company
− Custom reporting levels are also available

− South Africa Telecom Carriers / Telecom Providers
− Internal Company CRM / ERP platforms
− GPRS / IP Buffers [On Site TMS Installations]
− Excel, CSV etc…

− Daily, Weekly, Monthly to:
− Single or multiple users

− Excel
− TIFF File
− Word

− Minutes / Duration
− Number of Calls
− Megabytes
− Gigabytes
− Cost / ZAR
− Custom also available

All Devices, All Cost

Clarity is a powerful expense management platform that can report on any telecommunications device including fixed line voice, fixed line data, mobile voice and mobile data [including APN’s].

Cloud Based

Redundancy, security and scalability are all direct benefits of our cloud based platform. No on site hardware required and no installation costs.

Powerful Analytics

Exceptional reporting provides insight into expenditure and trends across the entire company. Set budgets, allocate, track and recover costs and much more.

No Bill Shock

We import daily usage and monthly invoice data from your carriers. This enables you to spot run away devices before it’s too late and match usage to invoices.

Custom Reports

We import daily usage and monthly invoice data from your carriers. This enables you to spot run away devices before it’s too late and match usage to invoices.

Search for specifics

Several filters exist within the platform enabling you to get to the exact information that you need, quickly.


Clarity has been built using best practice principles and the structure of our database ensures that our customers have a fast, interactive experience.

Commercial Compliance

Improve vendor accountability by utilising Clarity reports that are designed to highlight commercial compliance to items such as discounts, rates and rebates.

Spot problems and abuse

Finding overspend, wastage, abuse and general inefficiencies has never been easier with our purpose built reports.

Web based access

The Clarity platform has a web-based interface, which enables anywhere, anytime access. All telecom expenditure, usage and trends available in one place.


Secure username and password combinations control user access and viewing rights.

Automated Reports

Exceptions, alerts, triggers, notifications as well as general reporting requirements can be sent to key role players via automated emails.

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