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Internet Security


Security Solutions

Online Direct specialises in:

  • LAN Firewalling
  • Access Policies
  • Cloud Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Effective Anti-Virus 

Data and Network security is vitally important to every business.  The increased risk of cyber-attack as well as major outages can cause considerable down time resulting in a loss and income and productivety.

Is your information secure?

Who can access your private information?

Would your business recover from a server crash or data corruption?

Is your anti-virus service up to date?

Can past employees still access your network, sensitive data and cloud services?


Your Data is Valuable

Fraudsters are becoming more and more creative with the various ways they utilise your and possibly your clients information for personal gain.  Internal and external threats are very real.  A comprehensive data security plan is essential for every organisation to minimise a potential crisis and to be able to quickly and effectively recover from one. 


Online Direct’s Security Services


A Firewall is the heartbeat of your network, the firewall appliance is located on the perimeter of the network, it functions to block external and internal security threats, load balance internet access links and control what websites users are allowed to visit.

End Point Protection

Refers to software as a service commonly used Antivirus which is installed on the end users machine to prevent malware and other type of viruses from infecting severs and user machines.

Threat Detection

Is an advanced software layer that is designed to detect and prevent known and unknown attacks.

URL Filtering

Is the process of either preventing or allowing a user to gain access to a specific website(url).The list is made up of specific urls assigned to categories for reporting purposes, our solution is able to block / allow access on a per user basis.

Server Security Policies

We design and implement policies to meet your business requirements. Such policies include the activation of Active Directory on a windows server to manage permissions and network related peripherals.

Mail Spam Filter and Security

With various detection layers, we can detect unwanted emails and prevent the mail from delivering to your inbox. The scoring level of preventing spam is determined by best practices.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Online Direct’s backup solution offers a comprehensive suite of services, allowing you as a business to safely store your data to the cloud and to restore/access when required, In conjunction with the backup solution we also offer a DR solution that will enable businesses to declare a disaster and within minutes, resume business as usual at our remote site.

Deep Packet Inspection

DPI, is the process of monitoring network traffic and blocking packets that are non compliant such as spam, viruses, intrusions.

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